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This is PupilCentral

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Education management and Student Information System.

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At a cutting edge mobile friendly Education tool.



Modules that will escalate the managerial skills and performance of the institution.



We believe that by connecting the entities that matter we can bring about a positive change to education.    sample text here



Time and money are the resources that make a difference. We’ll help you save!!







T2Everything that you need

We have almost everything that an educational institution would probably need to deliver above par



Customization at your fingertips

We have gone an extra step to build customization into the system. We understand that the needs of

every institution are different.


Administrative and educational

Education management and student information delivery involves catering to institution administration

and education facilitation services. We have that covered.



slide1-imgeasy to use

A combination of careful flow of functionality with tile based pleasing design allows for an easy

navigation through the system.


Environment friendly

Help us save the environment for our next generation. Use of Pupil Central has been proven to save
and reduce usage of paper. We’ll help you print if you need it.


Delightfully priced

We have a very flexible pricing policy, give us a call we love to talk.






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Alternatives to run of the mill education management and student information systems have failed to propagate the use of technology to deliver better learning experiences. Instead of re-molding older versions of into newer packages Pupil Central has designed a new cloud based Software environment using cutting edge technology. Pupil Central significantly advances education management technology yet simplifies it.

Pupil Central enables you to manage student information through its entire life cycle going through admissions, enrollment, academics, and alumni status among others. We also provide world class support and service framework. All of this delivered through cost effective Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

What does partnering with us mean to you? When you bring Pupil Central on board we’ll provide class leading student information and education management systems at affordable prices that are acceptable all over the world.

You’ll be able to better manage and report on information coming from your student data systems all in one central location, and ultimately, you’ll be empowered with the key data you need to create a better experience for your students.

We’ll help you deliver better student services more efficiently, which drives both your students’ and your education institution’s success.


Get in touch

We love to interact. Drop us an email or even better give us a call:

A.Reddy: ashank@pupilcentral.com; +91-984-452-6471

Bharath Manjunath: bharath@pupilcentral.com; +91-991-681-6906

Sreekumar Rao: sreekumarrao@pupilcentral.com; +91-998-685-8551

Varun Shetty: varun@pupilcentral.com; +91-984-532-3723



Bangalore, India

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world..

-- Nelson Mandela --


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